Monday, 24 March 2008

Kereta Jahat Lagi: The Return of the Lambda

Three years ago..... who wants a car like this?

This piece of metal junk was found by one of the LSSOC club member three years ago. Nothing he could say about this machine but to rescue and give him a new life. The first
thing he did was to restore on the outside so the feeling to 'bikin' later will be there and he could continue slowly and surely. Kalau nak tengok pun tak mau then may be hangat2 taik ayam je la gamaknya nanti. So, Syukri took initiative to restore its exterior at his friend's workshop. They teamed up and finally the bodywork finished and ready to take place.

Syukri then did the body spray himself. Red hot colour was painted with an air brush impression on the engine hood. The transformation is taking into place. Bersabar.... he has to wait three years to complete its restoration.

First stage complete!

The colour was next changed to orange.

The rescue wouldn't be complete without a new mean heart. Syukri has decided to transplant RB 26 engine to replace the original one. One disadvantage about Mitsubishi is that they don't have good choices of RWD engine. One has to rojak the gearbox and engine if really wants to maintain 
Mitsubishi originality.

Second stage: New powerful heart

When the second stage completed, this car was ready to drift act give some action. Gempag gila! Then it was featured in the Putera Racing megazine. Nevertheless it's not end there. The restoration continues....

Next stage was to restore the interior again. Syukri decided to replace the upholdstries and to sedondon the look. 

Next step.... get all yellow-wrapped including the dashboard!

So, what do you think?

Recently photographed...

(belum siap lg... sabag naaaa!)

Buy:  masih dirahsiakan
Paint (1): RM
Engine Transplant: 
Sport Rim:
Tyre: 265/40/18
Turbo kit etc:
Paint (2):
Interior: ~ RM 850
Absober: Sylvia
Others: Power window, power steering, 200++ hp,
Complete restoration to date: ~ RM20,000

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Mitsubishi Sapporo, Lambda, Sigma Service Manual

Service manual for this model is available with me in jpg and pdf form. Here're some pages should they may help you.






The Other Siblings


Kereta Jahat for Kids

Nampaknya aku kekurangan bahan for the recent post. Tapi jangan bimbang, technical aspects masih di peringkat draft. Gambar gambar masih belum cukup untuk itu. Nanti aku post bila dah ok dikarang. 

Untuk keluaran kali ini.... untuk budak budak kicik pulak...
Bukan untuk orang tua sahaja, Kereta jahat juga dicipta untuk si cilik. Dari diberi mainan yang tiada identiti, mungkin ini contoh yang lebih baik untuk si comel anda. Model model terdiri dari Mitsubishi Sapporo, Chrysler Sapporo, Dodge Challenger, 
Plymouth Sapporo Coupe. 



1989 Dodge Chalenger. Yang ni front grill dia lain sikit.

Mana nak cari sport rim yang lebih kurang camni? Dua bijik pun tak pa. Aku beli punya kalau ada yg nak juai.

Payah sangat ka nak cari spare untuk kereta ini? Sila contact Shukri LSS, mungin dia dapt membantu menyelesaikan masalah anda.