Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dear visitors, is now at the pre-launch stage. Kuasakuda will be fully operating after Eid Mubarak. This site purposely built to cater retroparts demands in Malaysia. Only retro, classic and oldskool car ads are allowed to be posted here. Yup only retroesters' rides. However remaining categories are open to any car related stuffs, as we consider parts are exchangable between cars to cars.

Kuasakuda is still having bugs and they are being rectified. So, all you visitors, if you feel something's to be done for the better, just email me your concern. We really appreciate your opinions. 

Our next stage is to syncronize and link to other retrosters columnists especially Malaysia based retro sites. So if you have your good links, say hello to kuaskuda so we'll approach you.

Kuasakuda can be contacted via