Saturday, 9 April 2011

Rebranding LSSOC

I was thinking of rebranding LSSOC to Squad Kereta Jahat Se-Malaysia due to few reasons. One of them is to get more members join in and establish a club with rarest and meanest Japanese machines in here. Other Galant versions are welcome to join da club and given special entry permit while the rest must be rare, mean and muscular.

So Syuk will continue to monitor club activities and at the same time is promoted to de facto leader. Encik Ayob pun naik pangkat as the club president cum technical director. Mie Sapporo who took helm as ketua pemuda Lambda & Sappooro will make way to Otai Utara aka Bro Lambdaspin as new ketua pemuda. And me...! continue sebagai part timer tukang canang dan tukang karut.

This is Syuk with his current Cressy at Karnival KKL, April 2011 di Logstag.

Encik Ayob in the other hand main acilok lagi and kept hiding meanest machine of his from the rest.

My 332..!

Mie Sapporo with new Chaser; isteri ketiga.

Bro Lambdaspin's Lambda. Achtung... Jangan main main dengan Otai Utara ni, nanti kena taboh baru tau!

by the way... here's a Ceddy 330 for sale on mudah

rm 8k 01A-393128J.. Buy and let's join da club