Thursday, 29 May 2008

Starions of LSSOC

This Starion is owned by Mr Mahzan whom recently become the latest member of LSSOC. It's a 1984 powered by 4G63 2.0 L14 Turbo engine. Well, details on the machine will be here very soon. Dah larut malam beb.

Attached are other Starions of LSSOC. We have five active Starions and are welcoming all others to get involved in our club activities. Fell free to call, email and contact us  any time any where you see our presense.

I will yet to request photos of the other Starions from the rest. Bersabar dan selamat malam. Good nite!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Auto Stylo is Auto Stylo

Hi guys!

It's been a while to feed with new input to this blog. I was away for two weeks and have just returned last nite..

Let's start with the idea of v6-ed my ride. I have only one option and I don't see any other suitable engine but 6A12. I've searched everywhere and all I had to face was to return to normally what people do; implant SR, RB or 1J. That's the short cut to avhieve more horse on their machines. But I'm not into that for my lambda. The worst I'll have to do is to put on VR4 or any other mitsubishi engine so I can preserve the originality. A few friends have done and successed with that transformation. All it needs is your big money and tidious process.

Back to the V6 idea... I'd like my machine to look like this rather than a straight inline cylinders.

Isn't it stylo guys?

My search finally ends when I found a 6A12 of FTO in a Galant Kuda owned by a mitsubishi otai.. Good new for me to see that and to get the idea and tips from him. I tested his machine 
which happened to be very smooth in a RWD auto transmission. That's superb. 

It even better when he offered me the entire engine and components to fit into my kereta jahat at a pretty good bargain... wah law weh.. All I need is to get the manual gearbox. 
That's also solved when Yop Sapporo would like to swap his with my lovely deep dish rims.

More horse is not my priority by the way... As the blog title says... 
AutoStylo.... styles are all about I need. With all arrangement in place, 
I reckon this transformation would be executed very soon.

update will continue...

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Mean to Handsome

I receive a photo from our member from abroad.
Can you guess what car is this?

Imagination is your only limit but idea is endless.

Courtesy of Benito Jr. Taguibao.

Community Service

Aku dah lama tak beli produk belanda tak kira la minyak, makan, minum dan lain lain yang related to belanda durjana... Sama sama kita support produk kita.


Friday, 2 May 2008

Sapporo and Lambda

Photos tell you thousands words... So I don't need to describe further on the new members here.
Lagi pun aku memang dah jadi penyegan nak tulis malam ni... Nah amik ni editted photos.