Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Kuasakuda & PlayHouse Garage

Last time I had few inquiries on the Lambdas, Sapporos & Starions for sale but I didn't have any to help them. After some times, I received few inquiries from those who looked for LSS but still I couldn't help them. I didn't keep the contacts numbers.

But now if you're looking or selling your LSS, you can do so at my oldskool trades sites. They are www.kuasakuda.com and www.playhousegarage.net both sites I develop because I like oldskools.

Can you spot somebody in the Lambda digging treasures...?

Kereta Jahat?

How it begins? Kereta Jahat or Mean Car... Flash back to the time when I was about to buy that Lambda. I knew nothing about oldskool, retro cars, classics etc... But what i admire of tis car is because of its mean look. Nampak jahat dan macho. Only after I brought it back home I learn and study. Study main main from the net until found CCCM. Then to another forums Retrosyndicate then Oldskool.org then Kelab Kereta Lama and finally my own forum www.playhousegarage.net

Let's back to the title. Kereta Jahat finally belong to this species; Galant Lambda. Not sure about other cars if they are also mean looking. Tak kisah la sapa yg jahat janji tak tipu duit rakyat.

My write up is also copied into here... Aiseyymannn!
Mana ada Cherry Camaro sayang oooi...!
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