Sunday, 26 April 2009

Code Name: Silvia

We have Jazman, Chin, Bryan, Yusof, Abang Mahzan with their Starions. Our brand new member, Farid, has just emailed me Starion pictures of him. Very good machine and well preserved. It's an introduction from him to all of us.

Hi! To all LSSOC members....

Here's my lady.... I call her Silvia (for obvious reasons). It's a 1983 Mitsubishi GSR-X, automatic transmission (but it carries the MMC logo rather the tri-diamonds). My father bought the car second hand back in 1984 or '85 (I cannot recall) and its been passed down to me. I am slowly trying to restore it to its formar glory as much as possible, budget prmits. It is still powered by the original spec engines, however the one it has now is not the original engine. The swop was done early 2008, we were lucky I suppose as it took some searhing but my machanic found a half-cut in Bentong and it had the same spec engine and auto transmission too (must be the last engine of its sort in M'sia), at around the same time I changed the seat covers too.

Hope you like the picture....

Warmest Regards,